Glaxo Mugs

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What is this product ?

What better could be than to sip your favourite tea or coffee while working. So why not let your close ones experience the same with these mugs. The mugs are light weight and comes with a lid. There is enough space between the mug handle and the mug itself thus providing comfort while handling. It comes with a rubber on the rim of the lid so as to lock the heat inside the mug itself so that your favourite beverage remains nice and warm for longer. The advertising area on the mugs can be effectively used to imprint your own brand name making it an ideal gifting option.

Why so special ?

  • Light weight.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Stainless steel mugs.
  • Have enough space between handle and the mug itself.
  • Can be used to imprint your own brand name.
  • Can be used as a gifting option.

Advertising area

Approx. 27mm x 27mm (2 mugs)


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