Logitech Lunch Box and Water Bottle

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What is this product ?

This premium and high quality lunch box is ideal to store meals like breakfast, lunch or dinner. The lunch box comes with 3 different containers to store different different eating options like pulses, rice, breads, etc. The design of the 3 containers is one of its kind. It also comes with one water bottle to store beverages like tea, coffee, water, etc. This set of lunch box and water bottle is ideal to be taken alongwith at work place or at outings. The advertising area on the water bottle and lunch box can be effectively utilised to imprint your own brand name making it an ideal gifting option.

Why so special ?

  • Comes with 3 different storage containers.
  • Nice design.
  • Easy to open and close.
  • Microwave safe.
  • Can be used to imprint your own brand name.
  • Can be used as a gifting option.

Advertising area

Approx. 52mm x 44mm and 30mm x 27mm


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